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Dialogue: Saying What You Mean (Not)

Dialogue: Saying What You Mean (Not)

We don’t always speak our minds. Sometimes we lie. Sometimes we shape our words to protect ourselves or keep our distance. It’s as simple as you talking to your crush, but they don’t know they’re your crush and you’re too nervous to say something. You don’t usually admit “I like you” when you see them. […]

Book Review: Cinder


Book: Cinder Author: Marissa Meyer ISBN: 978-1-250-00720-9 Publish Date: Oct 27, 2015 CC Rating: 5/5 Summary & Review: Cinder, considered by some as the kingdom’s best mechanic, is also a cyborg. She used to be 100% human, but after a car accident in her childhood, Cinder’s life could only be saved by installing a few mechanical parts. While this […]

How to Create a Distinct Character wi...


When you encounter a great character, you can usually just feel it in the way they act and behave. They’re realistic and complex and full of personality. They’re their own person, with their own distinct needs and wants and fears and all the things the rest of us humans have to deal with. It’s hard to narrow […]

Book Review: These Shallow Graves

these shallow graves

Book: These Shallow Graves Author: Jennifer Donnelly ISBN: 978-0385737654 Publish Date: Oct 27, 2015 CC Rating: 5/5 Summary & Review: Josephine Montfort lives at the height of society in the late 1800s—she has a wealthy family, an exceptional upbringing, and even prospects for an upcoming marriage proposal from one of the most desirable suitors in New York. […]

Welcome to the New CC!


After blogging through Tumblr for so long, it’s exciting to finally announce this stand-alone website! This has been a dream of mine for several months now, and although there was a bit of a learning curve for setting up a website, I’m extremely pleased with how everything is shaping up. But why a new blog? […]

36 Core Values for Building Character

massive pillars of architecture

Core values shape our decision-making. They’re our own moral compass, and each person’s core values are specific to them. Listed below are 36 different Core Values that can shape how your character behaves and interacts with others! Before we get there, a few caveats to keep in mind… First, there’s no such thing as a […]