Writer Bot for Discord

Writer Bot for Discord

Writer Bot is a work in progress. Commands listed in red are not yet live, but planned for future updates.

Command basics:

  • Commands with [brackets] mean that your input is required. The brackets themselves are not required, though!
  • Commands are NOT case sensitive.


Just for Fun

=coinflipChooses randomly between Heads and Tails
=choose [choice1] [choice2] [choice3]Chooses randomly between your options, separated by commas
=rollChooses a random number between 1 and 6
=roll [#]Chooses a random number between 1 and your input #
=roll [# #]Chooses a random number between your two input numbers
=8ballGives you advice from The Muse


Sprint Timers & Productivity

=sprint [time]Sets a sprint timer for the specified amount of time
=marathon [#]Runs through a series of # sprints in a row with short breaks in between each sprint.

  • Defaults to 15 min sprints, 7 min breaks


Writing Tools

=define [word]Defines your word
=synonym [word]Lists synonyms for your word
=antonym [word]Lists antonyms for your word
=advice [category]Shares a link to the specified tag page on thecharactercomma.tumblr.com. Keep search terms simple and broad.

If the page has no results, try again with related words. For example, for fight scenes you might try:

  • Fight scenes
  • Fight scene
  • Combat
  • Fighting


Writing Inspiration & Motivation


=quoteGives you a random writing-related quote
=promptGives you a random writing prompt
=prompt [category]Gives you a random writing prompt from the selected category

  • Writing craft/story development
  • Character development
  • Story starter
  • Dialogue snippet
  • Fanfiction premise
=nagNags you to write


Writer Bot Basics

=helpShares a link to this page
=pingChecks responsiveness of bot
=setupRuns through setup options to set Writer Bot defaults