Welcome to the New CC!

Welcome to the New CC!

After blogging through Tumblr for so long, it’s exciting to finally announce this stand-alone website! This has been a dream of mine for several months now, and although there was a bit of a learning curve for setting up a website, I’m extremely pleased with how everything is shaping up.

But why a new blog? Why expand beyond Tumblr? What can this new CC do for YOU?

  • Cleaner, more professional content. Of course I put a lot of effort into writing quality posts on Tumblr, but a standalone website simply gives me more room to customize and tweak how my advice reaches the world.
  • Newsletter. Get CC blog updates straight to your email! You’ll be able to customize what information you want to see (writing posts, book reviews, or both).
  • Editing services. I love editing and offering feedback. Although it’s not set up at the moment, within the next month I will be setting up a relatively inexpensive editing option for anything you might be working on (whether it’s a manuscript, an essay, or anything else you need some help with!)
  • eBooks! Again, coming soon I’ll be releasing eBooks on a variety of subjects. Some of the simpler ones will be free, but some will be very in-depth with examples and exercises to help you learn. Those will be available through Amazon at low prices (probably around $.99-$4.99, depending on complexity).
  • Anything else? Since the site is new, I’m open to suggestions about what you want to see coming next!

“But wait!” you cry, “Does this mean you won’t post on Tumblr anymore??”

Don’t worry, I’ll be running this blog and the Tumblr blog side-by-side. Tumblr will continue to post a mix of my content and reblogs, while this blog will be 100% CC. 🙂

Looking forward to starting this exciting adventure with you all!!


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